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Increasingly, the company is aware of the medical care and healthy habits for a better quality of life.

Even so, the feet are still being overlooked by the majority of the generations, only we went to the podiatrist when we report some pain or discomfort in them and this is a mistake.

If we go regularly, we can prevent injuries and fix some of the structural deformity.


From the Clinic of podiatry in San Isidro in the south of Tenerife, we recommend you to visit a podiatrist at least once a year to review the state of our feet.

The podiatrist is the qualified person for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation alterations that affect the feet.

We must go before any pain or discomfortto obtain a comprehensive assessment, and prevent future complications.

  • When we suffer from corns or calluses it is important to go to determine the cause of the friction constant, and perform a quiropodia of the dead skin.
  • When we suffer from ingrown toenails, we need to see a specialist before it gets infected. The podiatrist will assess whether it has been embodied by a particular cause, or is necessary for the surgical intervention, and end up with the problem definitely.
  • When we present some fungus in the nails, or we suffer from excessive sweating, we must go for a crop mycological and diagnose if it is a fungus in order to establish the most appropriate treatment.
  • Also if we have plantar warts, calls commonly known as papillomas, which are like a callus with black spots, and it's often painful to pinch or pressure. What typically developing children, although it can also appear in adults. They are contagious, and they tend to take in swimming pools or public showers.
  • When we presented deformities, such as bunions, claw toes or hammer, it is also important that you go to visit a specialist to assess the condition of the joints.
  • When we suffer with frequency injuries in the knees, ankles, and feet, or discomfort in the joints, we present flat feet or arches, it is important to seek the biomechanical study of the tread with a podiatrist to assess these changes and prevent complications.
  • When we use custom templates it is necessary to visit a podiatrist regularly on the dates indicated to conduct a review, to assess the treatment has been effective or if it is necessary to renew them.


The children must be made at least one assessment in a period of growth to diagnose the possible alterations in the march or on the feet and establish the most appropriate treatment.

The athletes they should come to the consultation to get a clinical evaluation and biomechanical study with the aim of achieving greater efficiency in the category sports that you practice and prevent future injuries.

The adults if you are healthy and do not exhibit any alteration recommend you to visit a podiatrist at least once a year.

The people with diabetes must go periodically, due to the loss of sensitivity, these injuries can lead to major complications such as amputations.

In the third age the visits to the podiatrist should be performed more frequently, not only to prevent, if not to treat the disorders of the age as nails thickened, corns, calluses...that if not treated can lead to complications over time.



In the Clinic of podiatry in San Isidro we can help you. You can contact us at 626204911 or through and make an appointment, to be reviewed by our podiatrists.