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If you need a podiatrist child in Tenerife for a child, in the Clinic Podiatry San Isidro, we will review and advise you so that your child can grow up in a healthy and correct.

The General council of Official Colleges of Podiatrists (CGCOP) recommend a visit to the podiatrist at least once a year for a review. The age at which they can begin to come to the clinic the children is from the four or five yearsbecause it is at this age when the foot begins to be established, and, above all, before you begin the stage school. 

The feet of our young children need a special attention to ensure normal growth and development and healthy, we must educate them from small to a correct body posture and a good footwear.

Some of the most common pathologies that children tend to visit a podiatrist is due to the presence of plantar warts, ingrown toenails, claw toes, flat feet, foot arches, pain in heel...

It is vital to make a review of podiatricsince that may ultimately affect their quality of life.

Not surprisingly, the shoes, I wore the past year are small. It's time to buy a new shoes for this winter. The choice of shoes is very important, since it must adapt to the needs of children's movement, as well as at the same time allow for a proper development of the feet and their psycho-motor skills.





  • Choose a footwear breathable manufactured with materials natural or skin that allow for a good breathability.
  • Footwear must reach below the malleoli (bone side of the ankle), and in the case of the boots, should be enough flexible as to allow full movement of the ankle joint.
  • Shoes you must have buttress to help you have a better stability in the tread.
  • For a good grip on the foot should have a shut off with velcro or laces.
  • The insole of the shoe has to be flat and flexible
  • There is to prove the shoe to the child with the wearing socks and monitor that has a space of 0.5 to 1.5 cm between your longest finger and the shoes.
  • Reinforcements in the heel and toe, as these are the areas most exposed to wear and tear.
  • The best time to try the footwear is at the end of the day, when the child's feet are more swollen.
  • It is becoming more common to use almost exclusively during the school year sports shoes.


Remember to monitor and review frequently the feet of your children, posture and way of walking to be able to detect as soon as possible any correction that needs to be done.

In the Clinic of Podiatry in San Isidro we have the best specialists in the care of children, for any doubt you can specify APPOINTMENT TO THE 626204911-